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What makes us different?

We at Brown’s Milling & Industrial Supply believe in personal relationships, competitive pricing and quick and reliable delivery schedules.

Why Customers choose Brown’s Milling & Industrial Supply?

Brown’s Milling & Industrial Supply offers our 18 years of industry knowledge to you, our customers, free of charge. We handle large amounts of frequently asked questions per day via the telephone, web, and e-mail resulting in increasing amounts of industry knowledge unsurpassed in the milling and industrial supply industry. By utilizing this knowledge and sharing it with our customers, your advantage will be greater levels of operational efficiencies and industry knowledge, which will ultimately enhance your company’s performance and growth.

Why we care?

Larry, our founder, owned and operated a large alfalfa dehy plant for 26 years in eastern Nebraska. This background in production has made Larry very sympathetic of the problems and needs that arise in production. He knows very well what it feels like to be on your side of the desk and makes every effort to instill this value to the Brown’s Milling & Industrial Supply team.

How we have gained our customer?

You are our secret!! By maintaining our “customer-comes-first” approach, you have spread the word about our company to more than 150 customers in 30 states and three countries. We cover only seven states but customers from all over the country continue to sign up with us everyday. Since servicing our customer is our primary concern we continue to expand into states and regions of the continent that are out of our immediate service area because our customers continue to brag about the personalized service, reliable delivery platforms and competitive pricings you get from us.

Is this the kind of service your business is experiencing from its current supplier? If not, you need to consider Brown’s Milling & Industrial Supply as you preferred supply vendor.