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Plate Magnets

Brown’s Supply provides Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Plate Style Magnetic Separators – Ideal for angled chute applications. IMI’s high intensity plate magnets feature durable welded stainless steel construction and heavy duty hinges for easy cleaning.

Industrial Magnetics from Brown’s Supply is an industry leader in providing both permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation. Our specialty is custom fabricating. Through Industrial Magnetics, we design, engineer and manufacture magnetic assemblies and magnetic separation devices for our customers’ specific requirements.

Magnets for Unimpeded Product Flows
or dry to slight moisture content

Flush Face

Plate Magnets are designed for above-the-flow applications. The Flush Face model is available in Ceramic and Rare Earth designs to lift ferrous metal out of the product flow, protecting downstream processing equipment and product purity.

Exposed Pole

Plate Magnets are designed for below-the-flow applications. The two 400 series (magnetic stainless steel) exposed poles provide added protection from wash-off without impeding the product flow. Exposed Pole models are ideal for low volume chute installations with either Ceramic or Rare Earth magnetic circuits.

Spout Style

Plate Magnets feature a diverter to provide maximum tramp metal separation and superior wash-off protection for high volume below the-flow applications. The diverter and a 400 series (magnetic stainless steel) exposed pole provides added protection from collected metal wash-off and product degradation without impeding the product flow. Several strengths are available in Ceramic and Rare Earth designs to meet the requirements of difficult applications.

Magnet Materials for Plate Magnets

Ceramic: Used for small to larger ferrous particle separation such as nails, bolts, washers, etc that can cause damage to processing equipment.

Rare Earth: Extremely powerful magnet is used for “fine particle” separation such as metal filings, shavings, metal wear residue, work hardened stainless steel, etc. as well as capturing larger tramp metal.

Hump Magnets

IMI plate magnets can be provided with engineered chutes to fit directly into your processing lines. Customer specified inlet and outlet requirements can be accommodated using custom designed housings, transitions (round or rectangular), flanges and more. Housings and chutes are available for single plate magnets, multiple plate magnets and for Manual, EZ or Self-Cleaning models.

Granulator Plate Magnet

Protect your regrind operation from tramp metal contamination with IMI’s powerful Granulator Plate Magnets. These magnets are designed for easy installation in your granulator’s feed tray, and are an economical way to prevent tramp metal from damaging your equipment and contaminating your product.


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