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Brown’s Recycling is here to help you with your end of life story.

What can Brown’s do for you?

How are You Recycling?

With the increasing pressures to have end of life stories for our companies, managing your waste stream is a major issue. The global overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment. We need to think holistically about what to do with our waste. So what are sustainable solutions for your waste disposal & management? Partnering with Brown’s Recycling Equipment & Solutions, we can develop an efficient solution for your application.

With years of experience helping customers recycle their waste, let us help you develop unique solutions to get your waste into by products that you can sell to companies or even use in your own production. Our size reduction equipment can coarsely shred or pulverize your scrap into powder form. We can provide classifiers to size this chop to powder form and more coarse pieces. Additionally we can develop pneumatic conveying and live bottom bins to bag and store these cuts.

Stop Trashing Your Profits

Your End of Life Partner

Get to the landfill easier with our size reduction equipment.

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Make your Business Sustainable with Brown’s Recycling Equipment & Systems. Companies have trusted Brown’s for decades.

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Industry Applications

With the increasing green , waste management is a major global issue that governments face daily. The overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment.

Our equipment is used in thousands of applications. Our shredders are used to reduce the size of electronics all the way to carpet, wood chips and fiberglass. We can employ a dual shafted shredder, a hammer mill or a lump breaker to your application.

We have the industry knowledge to come up with a solution to separate what was once getting thrown away into different products. Including a whole line of equipment to move these products from the shredder to the classifiers to bulk bags.

Above Ground Pools
Boats & Molds
Semi Truck Trailers
Bathtubs & Molds
Wind Turbine Blades
What is your end of life story?

Composite Materials Last - which is great for your products, but not for your end of life story. Brown's Recycling Equipment & Systems can make it better!


Custom Solutions

We will develop an efficient recycling solution for your application.

Size Reduction

Equipment & Machines

Industrial Magnets

Rebuilt & Reconditioned 80 & 50 Series Machines


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